PICS Participant Spotlight: Meet Leneisha

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

PICS Participant LeneishaPICS Participant Spotlight: Meet Leneisha

At PICS (Partners in Community Supports), we love getting to know the families we work with better. Our new PICS Participant Spotlight series offers the opportunity to learn more about an individual or family that has chosen to partner with us for their services.

This month, we are happy to introduce Leneisha! She receives services through PICS’ Individualized Home Supports without training service.


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. My name is Leneisha Mattison. I care about the environment. I am adventurous and like to swim. I’m very considerate of others and care about their feelings. 


Q. Can you share with us your experience with Individualized Home Supports (IHS)? How did you first become aware of this support option, and what led you to choose it?

A. My county worker suggested IHS and helped me get set up with the service. I transferred from a different organization to PICS. I like that with PICS, everything is handled in one organization.


Q. How has Individualized Home Supports made a positive impact on your life? Are there any specific examples you can share?

A. I’m learning to cook with one of my caregivers. We cook together, and I’m learning to eat more healthily. She has inspired me to work on preventive health. I’m going through a health journey, like eating healthy foods to prevent illness. I have been exercising. My mental health has improved. 


Q. Can you share any instances where the support you received from PICS was particularly valuable or meaningful to you? 

A. I like that PICS sends out information ahead of time for my annual renewal. They call and give advance notice. The staff at PICS have helped me and assisted me. They are genuine and care about the client, is how I see it.


Q. As someone using Individualized Home Supports, what advice would you give to others who may be considering this support option for themselves or their loved ones?

A. The advice I would give is to make sure that you research the organization. Try to make sure that you and the person you are going to work with can get along and are compatible. 


Q. Can you share any experiences highlighting the positive outcomes you've achieved through the support and services provided by PICS?

A. Since I’ve started Individualized Home Supports and working with PICS, I’ve enhanced my health and longevity. My mental, emotional and physical health has improved. 


Q. In your opinion, what sets PICS apart in delivering Individualized Home Support services? Are there any strengths or qualities you'd like to highlight? 

A. PICS is efficient and keeps me on top of things. I like that they update me with info in the mail. I like that PICS is doing these spotlights. It shows that you care and are interested in us as people.


Q. Is there anything else you would like to share about your overall experience with Individualized Home Supports or your relationship with PICS?

A. I feel like I have a family with PICS. I’m looking forward to seeing what other projects PICS might have in store.


Thank you, Leneisha, for sharing more about yourself!