PICS November Employee Spotlight [Get to know Jessika Evans, Program Director at PICS]

Monday, November 20, 2023

Jessika Evans sitting in a field of lavender, surrounded by the Minneapolis city scape  At PICS (Partners in Community Supports), a subsidiary of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS), much of our work is behind the scenes. Our Employee Spotlight will help you learn more about our team. This month, learn about Jessika Evans, program director at PICS!

Jessika started her career at PICS 13 years ago after a friend mentioned how much they loved their work at LSS. In her first position as a service coordinator specialist, Jessika assisted other service coordinators, payroll and billing. She was then promoted to a service coordinator position. In 2015, Jessika was promoted to senior program manager for Individualized Home Supports (IHS). Jessika has been in her current role as program director for our traditional waivered services since 2020.


Q. Tell us a little bit about your current position.

Jessika: My current position lets me develop a strong service coordinator team who manages authorized hours of caregivers as well as attend people's team meetings out in the community. It's a pleasure to attend these annual meetings where we get to hear and learn from the people we're serving. The less "fun stuff" I'm responsible for includes ensuring licensing requirements are being fulfilled and rolling out the required training for caregivers.


Q. What do you enjoy most about working at PICS?

Jessika: After so many years at PICS, I have seen many efficiencies be created and been a part of change that directly helps the people we serve. Although there is always a new question or challenge, I love to help others get the answers they've been searching for. The PICS team is trustworthy and respectful, which makes it possible for me to continue providing the best service possible.


Q. How have you been able to put your own personal values into action while working at PICS?

Jessika: Connection and joy are passions of mine, and I've never woken up and not wanted to come to work at PICS. I enjoy helping foster an ALIVE Workplace, where the team works hard, helps each other out, and then we celebrate and have fun together.


Q. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Jessika: I can cook just about anything without a recipe and have been trying to get my baking skills up to the same level. My favorite dishes to make are coconut curry, lentil soup and baklava.


Q. Share a fun fact about yourself.

Jessika: I once grew a sunflower that was over 15 feet tall and have been striving to reach that gardening greatness ever since. 


Q. You're happiest when...

Jessika: I'm happiest when I'm walking into a new place that I've never been to meet people I've never met before. It's a thrill to start a brand-new experience and leave with a connection or memory that I keep forever.


Here is what some of Jessika’s colleagues have to say…

“Jessika is the ultimate go-to person for ALL things PICS (and LSS, for that matter). She has held a variety of positions within PICS and fulfilled those duties with extreme efficiency, knowledge and expertise. She is often one of the first to volunteer when help is needed or when a new opportunity arises for participation. She is a highly valued member of PICS leadership, and she is greatly admired by her team. PICS is so very fortunate to have Jessika and all her years of experience and dedication.”

“Jessika ensures that everyone feels appreciated, understood and welcomed. She has a beaming personality that makes others feel so comfortable and included in everything.”

“Jessika creates a fun and inclusive work environment and spreads joy and positivity wherever she goes. She can make even the most mundane meetings lively. She always comes with fun questions, and she truly cares about everyone's answers to these questions. She is always trying to get to know her co-workers better. She has streamlined our 245D processes and is an expert in this field. She is collaborative with other providers and always strives for the best for the families we serve.”

“Jessika is the light of PICS. She always has a smile on her face and is always available to help a coworker or person we support. She is simply the best!”