Volunteer with Camp Knutson

You can help us create life-changing experiences for campers. Volunteers are essential in keeping Camp Knutson a beautiful, special and meaningful place where all campers feel welcome.

Camp Knutson has several ways to volunteer as an individual or a group. Contact us today to get involved!



Camp Knutson Volunteersvolunteers at Camp Knutson

The Camp Knutson Volunteers is the main volunteer group that regularly supports Camp Knutson in maintenance/grounds work, direct program support, and fundraising efforts. As a Camp Knutson Volunteer, you can provide ongoing support to Camp Knutson, contribute your unique skills and connect with others who care deeply about our camp. For more information, go to www.campkfriends.com.


Help with Camp Activities

By getting involved with Camp Knutson as a volunteer, you will be helping campers get the most out of their camp experience. Volunteer during camps to facilitate fun, hands-on activities for campers. Work with campers on crafts, biking, reading and much more.


Greet Campers at the Airport

Being greeted by a friendly face at the airport makes campers feel welcome and at home. As an airport greeter, you can take part in the joy and excitement of campers arriving to camp. Families, small groups and individuals can volunteer to greet campers as they arrive from their travels and escort them back to their flight when they leave.

If you are interested in becoming an airport greeter, please email: Campkairportvolunteers@gmail.com


Keep Our Camp Grounds Beautiful

We owe our beautiful lawns, gardens and camp grounds to the dedication of our maintenance and clean-up volunteers. Your family or community group can help with spring clean-up and preparations for the summer season, or maintenance tasks throughout the year.


Volunteer Your Time or Talents at Our Annual Quilt Auction

The annual quilt auction is one of Camp Knutson’s largest and most impactful fundraisers. Churches, quilting groups and individuals throughout Minnesota and beyond create and donate quilts for auction.