Why Work at Camp Knutson

Summer Employment at Camp Knutson

As Camp Knutson staff, you will supervise camp activities and help develop recreational plans for campers with identified needs and special medical conditions. You will receive specialized training that will build your skill set and deepen your ability to provide top-notch experiences for our campers.

Why Camp K?



Camp Knutson is an accepting and nurturing community. At Camp, campers can experience, sometimes for the first time in their lives, what it is like to not be defined by their disability or health condition. You will play a key role in helping our campers understand their strengths and in motivating them to try new experiences. You will help create an experience our campers will remember forever. Camp is transformative for so many of our campers – and you will be at the heart of making that happen.

Campers build lifelong friendships here — and so do staff. Our creative, compassionate staff work well together and model what it is to be accepting and nurturing.

Many personal and professional skills you will learn at Camp are skills that are transferable to future professional endeavors. Working at Camp Knutson will strengthen your ability to work well as a team and discern how to take initiative when needed. It will teach you how to communicate clearly and to see life through another person’s eyes.

campers having fun

Camp Knutson is located on a beautiful peninsula between Big Trout and Lower Whitefish lakes. If the outdoors calls you, Camp K is for you. You can work and play outdoors in the lovely, north woods lake country.

Every day is different. Every day is fun. Every day is challenging. You will learn more than you imagined and gain more than you dreamed.

Our summer camp counselors are full of life, passion and energy. They are compassionate, creative and motivated. If this sounds like you, please consider working at Camp K!

Available Positions


Here’s what some of our past summer staff say about Camp Knutson:

“To me camp is a place of comfort, acceptance, and to be yourself. Camp Knutson was a place for me to see beauty and joy in every moment of every day. The summer was all I dreamed it would be and so much more. I don't remember a time I was this happy, laughed so much, felt so supported and accepted, was challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone (in a good way)! I grew so much as a person this summer.” - Taylor

“This is the only place in the world where differences don't matter, and compassion matters most. It changes lives, including mine. Coming here as a camper, then volunteer staff, and now K-Staff, I know, on every level, how this place can work miracles. It instills hope, love, and a sense of belonging in a world where, sometimes, that is hard to find.” - Allyson