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Summer Program Staff

The smiling camp counselors

Our fun-loving, caring group of summer program staff supervise camp activities and help develop recreational plans for campers with medical conditions and disabilities. They are carefully chosen for their leadership qualities and are specifically trained to work with youth and adults with developmental, medical, and physical needs.

Camp Knutson program staff work closely with the support teams that accompany each camping partner group to meet the unique needs of every camper. We strive to create an inclusive, accepting community where all campers feel welcomed and supported. Our camp partner organizations come with their own support staff who assist with direct camper care, cabin time, and facilitation of camper activities throughout the week.

Many college students are part of our seasonal team of well-rounded, diverse, and caring staff. The experiences gained from working at Camp K have frequently influenced career and academic choices of our program staff. Many return to college to major in teaching, public health, occupational or physical therapy, youth counseling, pre-med or similar professions.

From our program specialists, grounds staff, to friendly cooking staff, we strive to provide a safe, caring atmosphere for all who come to Camp Knutson.


Here is what our summer program staff say about working at camp:

A camp counselor pushing her camper on a swing.“So many lives have been changed for the better by the people and environment of Camp Knutson. Camp K gives each camper the space to live authentically without judgment. Campers create a community with friends who respect and love them. In return, campers give staff the opportunity to learn how we can create that judgment-free world every day by treating everyone with love and respect. The way that I interact with the world around me has been forever changed. I'm so thankful for being a part of the Camp Knutson community!”

 ~Chloe P.

“Camp showed me new experiences, outlooks on life, and qualities about myself I did not see prior; not only were the campers a pure joy and inspiration, the community and people I worked with did more for me than I could have ever done for myself.” ~Phil H.

“Camp truly opened my eyes. I experienced so many things I didn't even know existed and learned a ton along the way. It helped me learn to appreciate all I have, but also to accept and appreciate those who are different than me. I now understand the power of not judging a person on what I see.”

 ~Elsie M.

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