Health & Safety

Health & Safety at Camp Knutson

The health and safety of our campers is a top priority at Camp Knutson. We anticipate and manage risks through our well-trained staff, a focus on safe behaviors and on-site medical care.

As a fully accessible and medically sound environment, Camp Knutson provides a fun, worry-free and fulfilling camp experience for all.

In 2021, we will be implementing COVID-19 precautions, listed below.

Counselor helping camper put on lifejacket.


Trained and Prepared Staff

Our staff is heavily trained in emergency care procedures, as well as First Aid, CPR and AED. Our facility is stocked with readily accessible first-aid kits, epi-pens and other medical safety equipment (including 3 AEDs onsite). Our counselors carry "Fast Pack" first-aid kits with them at all times. Staff are trained to anticipate and manage risks and take proactive measures to ensure each camper is given the highest level of care possible.

All staff and volunteers undergo background checks before interacting with campers.


Camp Activities Put Safety First

Our adaptive programming and recreational activities allow campers of all abilities to participate in a safe and supported environment. Program staff are skilled at modifying programming to meet each camper’s ability and needs.

Appropriate safety equipment is used for all necessary camp activities. For example, anyone in a watercraft must wear a lifejacket; anyone riding a horse or riding a bike must wear a helmet and proper closed-toed footwear and pants; archery and fire-building are well supervised by trained staff. Our counselors at the waterfront are lifeguard certified. We give our campers clear directions and expectations for safe behavior throughout their stay. The staff to camper ratios range from 1:1 to 4:1 depending on the needs of each camp.


Health Care Available On-site

Camp Knutson features an on-site health clinic with examining room, medical tub and bathing room, and relaxation treatment room. During camps, medical staff is available 24/7. The medical staff provide general medical care and distribution of camper medications.

Our partner organizations provide skilled nurses and doctors to care for campers and their specific needs. Through these partnerships, we can provide specialized care such as dermatologists for our camps for children with skin conditions and cardiologists for our camps for children with heart disease. Our medical teams review the medical needs of the campers prior to arrival and conduct a general screening of campers on arrival day.


Emergency Help is Only Minutes Away

In the event of an emergency, we are just moments from advanced medical care. We have established strong relationships with local paramedics, police and fire departments. The camp is located within minutes of emergency medical services and a medical clinic. In an emergency, we do our best to be in consistent communication with the camper’s parents or guardians.


COVID-19 Precautions

Health of Campers and Staff: Campers and staff are expected to closely monitor their health and the health of their cabin groups before and during their stay at camp. If you, or anyone in your party, are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms before you arrive, please consider canceling your trip (for a full refund) or rescheduling for a later date. Be prepared to answer the following questions as you arrive at camp:

  1. Have you or anyone in your house traveled to another country in the last 14 days?
  2. Within the last 14 days, has someone in your household tested positive for COVID-19?
  3. Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of illness?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, please consider rescheduling your trip to Camp Knutson. All staff are expected to stay home if they experience any symptoms of illness.

Physical Distancing: All camp staff are currently practicing the social distance guidelines as recommended by the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health. We ask that all campers respect this policy and remain at least six feet away from other family groups during their stay.

Disinfecting: Prior to your visit, your cabin will be fully disinfected using CDC approved disinfectant that is also EPA certified. Each cabin’s high touch points will be cleaned with chemicals aimed at killing viruses. This includes door handles, light switches, thermostats, all dishes and cooking utensils, and coffee makers. In addition, we aim to have at least 30 hours of unoccupied time in each cabin between visitors.

Program Areas: All buildings and indoor program areas, including the Bazinet Recreation Center, Nature Center and Camp Office, are closed to campers during free time unless specified otherwise.

Masking: The CDC and MN Department of Health Interim Guidance for Overnight Camps require that all persons age five and older and camp staff wear face masks when they cannot maintain a six-foot distance from others. There are some exceptions to this order. If you or your camper meet these criteria, please communicate with Camp Knutson before the first day of camp.

  1. All participants and staff will be required to wear masks throughout the duration of camp any time they are indoors or cannot maintain six feet of distance from another person who is not in their family group.
  2. When outdoors AND physical distancing can be maintained by greater than six feet, masking will not be required.
  3. Leadership staff, program staff, kitchen staff and all support staff must wear a mask any time they are indoors or not six feet away from another staff person, camper or cabin group.
  4. Participants and staff are not to enter any other cabin than their own.
  5. We encourage you to bring masks (cloth or disposable) that you find the most comfortable. We also will have some disposable masks available but not enough to provide for all campers throughout the entire week.


Should you have any specific questions or concerns about our safety policies, procedures or practices, please contact Jared Griffin or Caitlin Malin.


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