Activities at Camp Knutson

Camp Knutson is a place to make new friends, build confidence and have fun! During activity times at camp, camp staff are trained to offer the right amount of support and modifications needed to make sure each camper finds success and is able to participate at the level they’re comfortable with. We encourage campers to try activities that challenge them and help them learn about their strengths.


Fun at the Waterfront

Swimming, boating, tubing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing are favorite activities at Camp Knutson. Campers can choose the type of waterfront activities that they enjoy.

If campers do not want to participate in water activities, there are a variety of land activities in the waterfront area, including, basketball, arts and crafts, games, sandcastle building and more.


Recreational Sports and Field Games

We love to play at Camp Knutson! Campers can participate in sports and games including basketball, pickleball, Frisbee golf, horseback riding, lawn games, archery, yoga, biking, water wars, field games, ga-ga ball and more. Staff adapt and modify games so all campers can participate and experience success!


Arts and Crafts

Campers can create their own Camp Knutson keepsake to take home. Our craft center provides a pleasant niche for campers to express themselves in camp-themed craft activities.


Exploring Camp Knutson’s Nature

Nature inspires creativity and provides space for campers to find freedom and peace. The Nature Center provides an opportunity for campers to learn about animals such as eagles, loons, foxes, beavers and deer. Nature scavenger hunts require campers to use their senses to explore objects in the woods.


Low Ropes Trust Course

The Camp Knutson Trust Course provides opportunities for campers to increase their confidence and work together as a team to reach a goal. The Trust Course gives campers an opportunity to try new things, reach outside their comfort zone, experience success and gain courage.


Evening Activities

Campfires, talent shows and theme nights, such as carnival, Pirates, time travel, Splish Splash, and beach take place every evening. Campers have the opportunity to be creative and choose how they participate.