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Past FOCUS Newsletters

2024 FOCUS Newsletters:

January 2024: Air Traveling Tips

April 2024: Your IEP Meeting

2023 FOCUS Newsletters:

January 2023: Deaf Youth and Summer Programs

April 2023: Self-Determination in Deaf Youth

July 2023: In a Perfect World

October 2023: Stronger Together in Minnesota

2022 FOCUS Newsletters:

January 2022: A Sisters Perspective

April 2022: Introduction To The IEP

July 2022: How to Help Students

October 2022: Tips to Include Deaf Guests

2021 FOCUS Newsletters:

January 2021: Fostering Joy and Virtual Family Events

April 2021: Finding My Whole Identity

July-August-September 2021: Mainstreaming the Student who is DHH: Improving Communication

October-November-December 2021: 7 Holiday Celebration Tips for Children Who Are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing

2020 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2020: Enduring Value of Minnesota Hands & Voices Family Events

May 2020: COVID Response: MNH&V Service Adaptations & H&V HQ Resource Links

October 2020: How to Talk to Children About Tolerance and Racial Justice

2019 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2019: Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Who, What, When, Why and Where

March/April 2019: Hands & Voices - Observe, Understand & Respond Children's Safety Project

May/June 2019: SPOTLIGHT: A Series of Articles on Individual Journeys and Personal Choices

November/December 2019: Congratulations to the 2019 H&VMN High Five Award Recipients

2018 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2018: A Parent's Journey, to Raise a Happy Healthy Adult, Begins With the End in Mind

March/April 2018: Families Can Help Develop Social-Emotional Skills

May/June 2018: Supporting Self-Advocacy Skills in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

July/August 2018: Language Access for Kids who are DHH, We Don't Know What We Don't Know

September/October 2018: Congratulations to the 2018 MNH&V High Five Award Recipients

November/December 2018: Minnesota Manners and Holiday Social Cues for Children who are DHH

2017 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2017: The Ins & Outs of Genetic Testing

March/April 2017: Flipped Classroom Model and the Challenges Facing Students Who are DHH

May/June 2017: Hats Off to Siblings of Children Who are DHH

July/August 2017: ADA: Awareness, Compliance and Responsibility

September/October 2017: Congratulations to the 2017 MNH&V High Five Award Recipients

November/December 2017: Consider Making an Investment in Our Minnesota Hands & Voices Community

2016 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2016: The Role of Parent Advocacy and Parent's Impact on the Legislation Process

March/April 2016: You Are Not Alone, The Benefits of Making Family-to-Family Connections

May/June 2016: Minnesota Transition Guide for Teachers, Parents, and Students

July/August 2016: TEAMWORK, Parents are Essential Members on their Child's IEP Team

September/October 2016: Congratulations to the 2016 MNH&V "High Five" Award Recipients

November/December 2016: Consider Becoming a Donor to Our Minnesota Hands & Voices Community

2015 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2015: 2015 Collaborative Plan Professional Symposium and Parent Conference

March/April 2015: Minnesota Connection to Legendary Audiologist Marion Downs

May/June 2015: Community Impact of Minnesota Hands & Voices' Cultural Parent Guides

July/August 2015: Positive Impact of Hands & Voices Headquarters to Our MNH&V Chapter

September/October 2015: Congratulations to the MNH&V 2015 "High Five" Award Recipients

November/December 2015: Real-Time Speech-to-Text Translation Software & CART_____Consider Investing in Our MNH&V Community

Additional Archived Newsletters of Interest to Families:

July/August 2014: MNH&V: The Role of the Adult Role Model


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