Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Commitments Year-to-Date:

Anne Barlow, Director of MN Hands & Voices 

Brenda Hommerding, Guide By Your Side Manager 

Heidy Nazario, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide Program Manager

Elena Miranda, Metro Lead Parent Guide/Statewide Lead Cultural Parent Guide

Shannon Hohrman, Northwestern MN Parent Guide/ Greater MN Lead Guide/Statewide ASTra Coordinator 

Jeanette Shaw, Metro Parent Guide 

Thomas Hoolihan, Metro Parent Guide 

Yia Yang, SE Asian Parent Guide 

Shelby Geldon, DHH Guide 

Sophia Barr, DHH Guide/Administrative Assistant 

Janie Barlow, DHH Guide 

Kelsey Woodward, DHH Guide 

Kobe Schroeder, DHH Guide 

Hannah Harriman, DHH Guide 

Suzanne Iwainet, Central MN Parent Guide 

Marie Pank, Northeastern MN Parent Guide 

Leslie Carnegie-Hilde, Upper Northwestern Parent Guide/Event Coordinator 

Kindra Christensen, SW Parent Guide 

Callie Holmes, SE Parent Guide

Mary Bauer, DHHSD 

Deanne Curran, PACER Advocate  

Emily Manson, Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) Teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students

Emily Smith-Lundberg, Director of Deaf Mentor Family Services at LSS

Susan Lane Outlaw, Executive Director Metro Deaf School 

Brandy Johanson Sebera, Family Engagement Coordinator at MN Deaf Blind Project  

Diane Leonard, DHH Specialist/DHH Services Division 

Katie Warne, Speech Language Pathology at Fairview 

Jesi Novak, Audiologist Children’s Minnesota

Jess Moen, MN Statewide Specialist, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)

Anne Grace Donatucci, Director MN State Academy for the Deaf  

Danelle Gournaris, MNCDHH

Kitri Kyllo, Cued Speech of MN 

Allison Mehlhorn, Parent 

Joyce Dressler, Parent 

Mary Cashman Bakken, MN State Specialist, DHH