Staff Regions & Bios

Staff Regions & Bios

Minnesota Hands & Voices trained Parent Guides are a dedicated group of individuals available in all areas of the state. Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program are a group of trained adults who themselves have a hearing difference and support all areas of the state. Read on to learn more about our staff.Regional Map and contacts


Anne Barlow has been with Minnesota Hands & Voices since December of 2013. She began as a Parent Guide where she was able to share her 35+ years of experience as a parent of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Guide by Your Side Manager

Brenda Hommerding has been working with MNH&V since April of 2006. She started as a Parent Guide and took on the additional role of Lead Regional Guide in 2015. In 2017 Brenda moved onto a different role in the organization as the Guide By Your Side Manager.

Southeast Parent Guide

When Callie met the MNHV Team in 2019, she experienced something that she desperately needed but had never felt throughout her parenting journey - parent to parent support. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide Coordinator

Heidy (pronounced hay-dee) is a bilingual, Puerto Rican woman who has been working with MNH&V as a DHH Adult Role Model since October 2016, and a DHH Guide Supervisor since January 2019.

Lead Cultural Guide Supervisor

Elena Miranda has been with Minnesota Hands & Voices since August 2017 serving Cultural Diverse Families, finding resources, support and family connections. She is passionate about social interaction with new families.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide

Shelby is a Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Guide at MNH&V. She started as a DHH Guide in the summer of 2019. In 2022, she was involved in creating the Fostering Joy Journal for DHH kids.

Administrative Assistant/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide

Sophia has been working with MNH&V as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide and as the Administrative Assistant.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide

Kelsey Woodward has been with MNH&V since June of 2019. She began as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Guide. She later became an ASTra Advocate in the summer of 2021. She currently does both roles at MNH&V.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide

Hannah Harriman is a DHH Guide here at MNH&V, she has been here since February 2020.

Hannah is Deaf-Blind and loves to use that combination of disabilities to serve children and families in the best way possible.

Central Parent Guide

Suzanne has been in connection with MNH&V since 2005 and started her position as a Parent Guide in 2017. For her position, she volunteers her time on the East Central DHHS Advisory Board for her region.

Northeast Parent Guide

Marie Pank started with Minnesota Hands & Voices on her birthday in 2012. She is the Northeast Parent Guide and has a special interest in the large variety of technology available and how it can be used in everyday situations.

Metro Parent Guide

Mary joined our MNH&V team as a Metro Parent Guide in 2018, left in 2020 for other pursuits, then rejoined the team in 2023.

Regional Parent Guide Supervisor/ Statewide ASTra Coordinator/ Northwest Parent Guide

Shannon Hohrman is the Northwest Parent Guide, Educational Advocacy Coordinator, and the Greater MN Lead Guide and has been with MNHV since April 2006.

Upper Northwest Parent Guide & Statewide Event Coordinator

Leslie began working with MNH&V in 2009 as the Upper Northwest Parent Guide and in 2021 she added the role of Event Coordinator. 

Southwest Parent Guide

Kindra is the Parent Guide for the Southwest region and has been with Hands & Voices since January 2022. She is dedicated to the mission of Hands & Voices and is passionate about supporting families through their journey.