Services for Youth


Support Groups and Education for Physical and Emotional Health

Lutheran Social Service of MN (LSS) provides youth and their families with information, resources, perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children, teens and young adults.

LSS youth workers, experienced working with children and adolescents, provide honest answers and non-judgmental support for young people exploring a wide range of health and wellness issues.

LSS offers the health and wellness services in the following Minnesota communities:

Duluth: Teen Wellness Center
Free health screenings and wellness services for teens and young adults.

Duluth: Together for Youth
An inclusive, supportive and welcoming group for a LGBTQ youth. 

Rochester: Peer Support Group
Monthly group activities for youth participating in programs at the LINK to have fun and connect with other youth.

Mankato: Building on Opportunities to Strengthen Teens (B.O.O.S.T.)
A weekly support group for young parents

Minneapolis: Seeing and Exploring Life’s Future (SELF) Workshops
Adolescent pregnancy prevention program providing comprehensive sexuality education.

Minneapolis: It’s That Easy! Classes
Classes to help parents and caregivers talk about sex with their children.

Willmar: Minnesota Youth Leadership Council
Youth work together toward affecting positive change in the foster care system.

Willmar: Sexually Exploited Youth Program
Our SEY program provides help to youth or young adults up to age 24 who have been sexually exploited or trafficked.

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