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LSS Special Needs Pooled Trust

A Special Needs Pooled Trust is designed to provide funds for the special needs of a qualified individual with disabilities. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the beneficiary, while retaining eligibility for public benefits.

For information about establishing a pooled trust, please contact an LSS Pooled Trust specialist:


A Special Needs Pooled Trust can be established by the beneficiary (an individual with a disability), the beneficiary’s parents, grandparents, legal guardian or a court. The fund is created using the beneficiary’s own funds or funds to which the individual is entitled to receive.

The LSS Special Needs Pooled Trust offers a low-cost way for a disabled individual to access funds in the pooled trust account for expenses not covered by public benefits – that is, the extras that bring joy to life.

Pooled trust eligible expenses 

Accessing the funds in your pooled trust 

We recommend a comprehensive review of the current and anticipated needs of the individual (i.e. burial plan, furniture, equipment, education, travel) prior to funding a pooled trust account. Our goal is to ensure the pooled trust is a good fit for you and help you to avoid the costs of funding the subaccount, if the money can readily be spent for current needs.

This type of trust requires a provision to reimburse the State upon the death of the individual. 

Opening a Pooled Trust Account

For disabled persons who retain their decision-making powers, LSS is often able to complete the opening of a subaccount in 3-5 business days.

To open a pooled trust subaccount, the following forms need to be completed and signed. We encourage you to engage an attorney to review the documents and to complete the check-off on the Joinder Agreement.


LSS Special Needs Pooled Trust Master Trust Agreement - PDF

LSS Special Needs Pooled Trust Joinder Agreement - DOC

IRS W9 Form - PDF

Grantor Wishes Document for Uses of Funds - PDF

North Dakota

LSS Self-Settled (Special Needs) Pooled Trust Master Trust Agreement - PDF

LSS Self-Settled (Special Needs) Pooled Trust Joinder Agreement - DOC

Self-Settled Pooled Trust Grantor's Wishes for the Use of Funds - PDF

IRS W9 Form - PDF

Opening a subaccount for a protected person may be dependent on the action of the court to appoint LSS as the Trustee for the protected person’s subaccount.