Services for Older Adults



Ken and Bob have become good friends

Ken Aldrich served in the Air Force during World War II. Bob Hanninen served as part of Special Ops in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Now, their service to country bonds them during weekly visits through the LSS Caregiver Support and Respite Program. 

Ken has Parkinson’s Disease and lives at home with his wife, Donna. Bob began volunteering as an LSS Senior Companion in 2008, and was eventually assigned to serve as Ken’s Senior Companion through LSS Caregiver Support and Respite. His visits give Donna some needed time to run errands and visit friends. The two men have become good friends.

They understand each other, value each other’s service and celebrate their friendship. Their time together is filled with sharing stories. When asked why he volunteers, Bob says, “People like Ken did their part for us long ago; so now I help them.” Ken enjoys Bob and says, “We have a lot of fun.”

During 2011, 97 volunteers provided 9,858 hours of respite care to 475 families, allowing them to stay right where they want to be — in their own homes.