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How We Serve

After disaster strikes the response begins immediately, but the recovery takes time. It can take months, or even years, for a community to begin to regain a sense of normalcy. Most of the work LSS does is disaster recovery.

Disaster Response

Immediately after a disaster strikes, the community it impacts is left in an emergency situation – homes, businesses and jobs are lost. People are in great need of meeting basic needs: food, shelter, medical attention and safety. Many agencies, nonprofit, faith-based, local and national, are prepared to respond at this time of disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Almost all the work that LSS Disaster Services does is disaster recovery.

After the tents are taken down and the response organizations go home, the community is often left to rebuild its economy, infrastructure and emotional wellbeing. Survivors are often mentally, financially and emotionally exhausted during this time and without support.

Long-term recovery typically includes forming community organizations who help decide the best way forward for the community, organizing volunteers, connecting community members to resources, and facilitating emotional healing.

Recovery takes time and the work of committed professionals. We walk beside families and help them problem solve, find resources when the obvious ones are gone, encourage and give people hope.

Austin, Houston, Hugo, Moorhead, Rogers, Rushford, St. Charles, St. Peter, Wadena, Winona and others have been restored to vibrant communities in large part due to support of LSS Disaster Services by everyday people like you. Learn how you can make a gift to support disaster recovery.


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