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Group Therapy and Education

Group Therapy and EducationFor many people, group therapy and education is a great treatment choice. A group setting provides a supportive and confidential space to share experiences, allows you to gain the input of others and find community. Groups are typically focused on a specific topic or treatment, such as recovery from abuse or trauma, anger, chemical dependency or coping with grief.

There are many benefits to group therapy and education, including:

  • Focus on specific issues and challenges
  • Discover you’re not alone
  • Learn from others who have gone through similar experiences
  • Get multiple perspectives from different group members
  • Feel more connected to others and learn new interpersonal skills
  • Practice the lessons you’ve learned through your experiences by helping others in the group

We currently offer the following region-specific therapy and education groups:

Anger Management Program

This educational program offers a safe and confidential space for group members to seek information, and participate in discussions and activities that promote a better understanding of anger and anger responses.

Alexandria, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.762.5124

Chemical Dependency Educational Programs

  • SAVE (Substance Abuse Violation Education) is open to all adults and provides both education and self-assessment tools related to substance use.
  • Yield is an informational course about the risks and effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. The program is designed for teens, but parents and guardians are strongly encourages to attend.
  • Choices is designed for teens who may already have challenges with chemical use. Through education about chemical dependency, decision-making, safety and communication, teens and their parents/guardians have the opportunity to explore both short and long term effects of substance use.

Alexandria, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.762.5124

Toxic Anger Regulation Program (Alexandria, MN)

Our Toxic Anger Regulation Program (TARP) is a domestic abuse therapy and education group for males who have been involved in a domestic violence episode with a domestic partner or family member. Group members will participate in group discussions, activities and individual work aimed to increase self-awareness and create healthy emotional expression. While most participants are court-ordered, individuals with issues of other aggressive anger expressions are also welcome.

Alexandria, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.762.5124.

Coping with Stress and Symptoms Group (Minneapolis, MN)

This group is a supportive environment for people with various mental health diagnoses. Group members are provided with specific tools to use in stressful situations, opportunities to practice those skills, and a community that understands and accepts them.

Minneapolis, MN
To join or learn more, call 612.879.5320

Marriage Preparation and Relationship Enrichment Workshops 

As you prepare for marriage, we are here to help you and your partner learn the skills for a long, lasting life together. Throughout the day-long workshop, you will have the opportunity to gain deeper understanding and appreciation for your partner, hear the challenges and excitement that other couples are facing and explore the possibilities of your future together. Learn more >

Multiple Locations

Substance Abuse Veteran Recovery Group

This recovery group is a safe, supportive environment that unites people in their journey toward change.  Group members will learn Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) skills that are nationally recognized for their effectiveness.

St. Cloud, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.251.7700

Veteran’s Caregiver Group

Veteran Caregivers are welcome to join this supportive and educational group. Group members will have the opportunity to share their struggles and successes, learn from other group members and find community with those who share similar experiences.

St. Cloud, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.251.7700

Veterans Family Recovery Group

When loved ones are engaged in the recovery process, Veterans often see positive improvements in their chemical dependency recovery. With this is mind, our Veterans Family Recovery Group provides a safe space for Veterans and their spouses to come together, learn new skills, and find support.

St. Cloud, MN
To join or learn more, call 320.251.7700

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call and speak to your local office to request a group >