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    Online Debt Counseling

    Congratulations! You have taken an important first step to gain control of your financial future!

    Through this free and confidential online service you will get help setting up a budget and managing your debt. You have nothing to lose - and everything to gain!

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    2. Login and complete your financial profile online
    Provide information about your income, monthly expenses, amounts owed to creditors, and any other information you believe would be helpful in understanding your financial circumstances.
    Information submitted will only be used by an LSS certified credit counselor to review your specific financial situation and identify options that may be right for you. We do not share information with any third parties.

    Review your financial situation with a counselor
    A certified credit counselor will contact you to review your financial profile and offer guidance. The counselor will offer suggestions on how you might develop a budget that works for you and an action plan specific to your circumstances to repay your debts.

    If your debt is predominately Student Loan debt, please call us at 888.577.2227 to schedule an appointment. 

    Sound advice and recommendations are tailored to fit your goals - you decide which recommendations and options are right for you.