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    FAQs for Managing your DMP

    There are several ways to get answers to your questions about managing your Debt Management Plan (DMP)

    1.  Review answers to frequently asked questions below. 
    2.  Review online resources and fact sheets for managing your DMP. 
    3.  Ask our client services staff! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, without judgement or pressure. Any information you share with LSS client services staff is confidential. 

    Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm (Central)
    1.800.764.0351 or 218.529.2255

  • Will my creditors continue to call me?

    Creditors may continue to contact you until they have agreed on the DMP payments and in some cases, until they've received up to three consecutive payments. If a creditor tells you they have not received a proposal, please contact us.
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    Will creditors stop their finance charges or other fees?        

    During your counseling session with a financial counselor they will review the interest rate reductions that you can expect. You can also check with Client Services for individual creditor policies.
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    What happens if I can't make my DMP payment?

    Missing a payment is not recommended. Creditors need to receive a monthly payment to maintain your benefits through a DMP. If you are going to miss a payment, please call our Client Service department to discuss your individual debts.
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    Will I continue to get statements from my creditors?

    Yes, you will still receive all your statements from your creditors as well as a monthly statement from LSS that outlines all of your DMP activity. This allows you to monitor progess and remain in control of your personal finances.

    Please review your monthly statements to make sure interest rates are as your counselor described. It is important that you provide Client Services your creditor statement for the first 6 months on a DMP and/or anytime you notice negative activity on your credit statement. 

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    What is the most convenient way for me to make an ongoing payment?

    Save time and money by signing up for automatic payments. Payments will be deducted directly from your checking or savings account on the same day each month. You will never miss a payment! Review instructions for setting up automatic payments.
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    Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

    You will receive a monthly statement that will provide activity information about your account. This statement will serve as your receipt.
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    When is my payment due?

    Your counselor will let you know when your payment is due. Your ongoing monthly due date, client number and other valuable information will be provided in a letter you'll receive shortly after your signed Debt Management Program contract is recieved by Client Services. If you have additional questions about your due date, please call Client Services at 800.764.0351.
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    Can I pay extra towards my DMP payment?

    Paying extra on your DMP is encouraged, but only after you have several months of emergency savings in place. Making more than the minimum payments will reduce the amount of time to repay your debts.
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    What information should I include with my DMP payment?

    Make sure you print your name, address and, most importantly, your client identification number on the payment. Please also return the payment portion of your most recent statement with your payment.
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    What is the fastest way for me to make a payment?

    The fastest way to make a payment is to drop off or overnight a Money Order or Cashier's check. For address information, review instructions for payment by mail.
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    Am I able to make a payment by phone?

    For your security, and to provide the highest level of protection for your financial accounts, we are unable to accept payments by phone.
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