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About Us

  • Leadership

    • Jodi Harpstead

      Chief Executive Officer
      “We work with compassion and competence. First we need the compassion to serve the neighbor, and to be with them through whatever they are struggling or walking through. Then we need to have the competence to make a difference, so that our client’s lives are enhanced by walking with us in a way that makes a difference.”
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      Patrick Thueson

      Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
      Patrick Thueson became Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer on April 2, 2018 and is responsible for Services, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Communications and Information Technology.
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      Christopher Beach

      Vice President and Chief Development Officer
      Christopher Beach became Vice President and Chief Development Officer in July 2015. As a key member of the senior leadership team, he is responsible for building financial resources to support greater organizational impact and visibility throughout Minnesota.
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      George Klauser

      Executive Director, Altair-ACO
      “LSS is fully committed to the values it holds for building health and happy futures for all Minnesotans. As a Christian, I am honored to be part of an organization that expresses the love of Christ for all people through service that inspires hope and builds community. As a cabinet member, I am proud to join this very talented group of executives and contribute my passion for helping my neighbors as we work together to shape the future of LSS.”
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      Joyce Norals

      Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer
      "You realize that employees stay at LSS because they have come to care about the people they work with – whether client or colleague. They care about the community in which they serve. There is such compassion and zeal around pursuing social justice for others.”
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      Jeri Schoonover

      Chief Service Officer
      “The staff and volunteers at LSS are amazing! Their dedication and compassion for serving people in need is extremely inspirational and touches thousands of lives in communities throughout Minnesota. It certainly is service that inspires hope, changes lives, and builds community!”
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      Maureen Warren

      Vice President and Chief Family Services Officer
      "What excites me about LSS is the depth and breadth of our organization and its deeply meaningful mission to improve the lives of families and strengthen communities."
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  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Paul Dovre, Chair
    Andrea Carruthers, Vice Chair
    Nicole Griensewic Mickelson, Secretary
    Dan Anderson, Treasurer
    Bishop Thomas Aitken
    Ross Allen
    Rev. Mark Aune
    Shirley Carter
    Jon Evert
    Cindy Jesson
    Ayan Musse
    Bob Niedringhaus
    Greg Vandal
    Bishop Ann Svennungsen
    Tom Seidelmann
    Pat Strong
    Rev. Dee Pederson
    Mandy Tuong
    Rev. Kari Williamson

  • LSS Foundation Board of Trustees

    Todd Sylvester, Chair
    Michele Abbott, Vice Chair
    Ann Beatty, Secretary
    Peggy Stefan, Treasurer
    Sonja Baertsch
    Dr. Paul Dovre
    Jodi Harpstead
    Paul Jacobson
    Russ Michaletz
    Mark Peterson
    Mike Ranum
    Tom Seidelmann
    Paul Tillquist
    Luke Winskowski