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Seeking 500 Ideas to End Youth Homelessness

At LSS, we believe that youth should never have to go a Ideas written on notes from the community.single night without a safe place to stay. We have pledged to end youth homelessness in Duluth. To do this we need strong partnerships with organizations and individuals throughout the community.

We are seeking 500 ideas to make this vision a reality — new ways to collaborate across sectors with individuals, organizations and community partners. This community brainstorming process kicked-off at the opening of the Center for Changing Lives in Duluth and continues today.

Some of the ideas we have received so far:

  • Expand the LSS truancy prevention program to all schools
  • Create a region-wide, faith based 'adopt-a-youth' program
  • Ask businesses to mentor youth in career building opportunities
  • Continue to educate the community and increase awareness of the signs that lead to youth homelessness
  • More affordable housing
  • Connect more private employers with youth

Please share your thoughts via our short 500 ideas survey or by posting an idea using the hashtag #500IdeasLSS on Twitter or Facebook. Your input will guide how we share and leverage resources, build awareness and think creatively to make a powerful difference for Duluth youth now and going forward.


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