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Specialized Community Supports

Specialized Community Supports

Specialized community supports

Specialized Community Supports provides custom, community-based living for children and adults with significant behavioral or medical challenges. Our services offer an option for individuals who have not found successful long-term placement in traditional support settings.

Personalized Services

Specialized Community Supports takes a collaborative, person-centered approach to creating a successful living plan. Rather than fitting individuals into traditional supports, we develop individualized supports around the needs and desires of each individual, with the ongoing involvement of the individual and their support team.

The individual remains at the center of all conversations and has the opportunity to be involved in decisions around their support. We encourage individuals to take part in the choice of the supports, potential housemates and the supervision and staffing of the home. When an individual feels invested in their supports, they are much more likely to be successful.

LSS offers a wide range of services for people with disabilities. This means we’re able to connect additional supports, such as Person-Centered Planning and Employment First Services, to help individuals reach their goals. With services available across the state, we support individuals in locations that are convenient for family members and provide the lifestyle that the individual desires.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is trained to support the unique needs of each individual we support. We are able to tailor staffing to the needs and level of support that makes sense for the individual.

Over the years, our staff have supported many individuals with significant medical and behavioral challenges. We have learned what makes supports successful, and these beliefs have become the core foundations for Specialized Community Supports.

Meeting Olmstead Goals for Community Living

LSS is dedicated to providing community-based services in the most integrated setting possible. We developed Specialized Community Supports in response to a need in our community for more options for individuals with complex needs.

The relationships we develop with individuals, their support team and case managers are integral to providing this service. Our staff has a deep understanding of person-centered principles and the Olmstead Plan and can work with counties to achieve Olmstead goals for community living.

LSS is accredited by the Council on Quality Leadership (CQL), which promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports for people with disabilities.

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Contact the Specialized Community Supports Area Director in your region to learn more or to discuss placement for an individual.


Specialized Community Supports