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Crow Wing County
Wilson Family

Wilson Values Stability, New Experiences and Learning About Others’ Interests

I am Mark Wilson. I look forward to opening my home and offering someone encouragement, stability, enthusiasm for the things they love, and — above all — patience.

Patience is one of my biggest strengths. My work experience, including 10 years as a security guard at bars, has taught me to approach all situations calmly, thoughtfully and respectfully.

I currently support adults with disabilities to find and maintain meaningful work in their communities as a lead job coach at a local day program. I would love to learn about your hopes and dreams, and use my skills and knowledge from my job to support you in achieving your goals. 

I live in Ironton, near the Crosby mine pits and walking / biking trails, with my kitten Ezra. I tend to keep a tidy home and can offer someone their own room, with shared spaces including the kitchen, living room, bathroom and basement.

I grew up in a home with shared responsibilities: if one person cooked, another cleaned up after. Keeping this collaborative approach to caring for our home will help us maintain a calming, comfortable environment.

I am happiest when there is structure and routine in my life, and I balance my laid-back personality with a schedule that allows flexibility for day-to-day surprises. Although a typical morning for me is pretty on-the-go, my perfect day would start with a relaxed morning when I can sit down with a warm cup of coffee and savor it.

Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are watching movies, sight-seeing and traveling, eating at restaurants, and learning about history — especially history that’s over 1,000 years old! Someone who lives with me is welcome to join me in any of these activities, and I will look forward to learning about your interests!

I love traveling to new places on my annual vacation. I would welcome a new person to join in on these adventures — or, let’s visit someplace you’ve always wanted to see. I am always up to try something new, and I am eager to share new experiences with someone I support!

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