Stenberg Family

Hubbard County
Photo of Kathy and Mark Stenberg with the text "Supporting Adults"

Our Home and Family

We are Kathy and Mark Stenberg. Our large, two-story lake home with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms is located in a quiet neighborhood. We frequently enjoy watching wildlife from our home, including deer, rabbits and the occasional bear.

We have adult children who visit often and bring their loving pets.

The Reason We Open Our Home

We have been providing adult foster care for eight years after Kathy, who was licensed for child day care, was approached by the licensor to consider adult foster care. We love and enjoy supporting people to have the best possible life they desire.

Our Traditions

We love to celebrate holidays and events. This usually includes a meal and desserts. Some of our favorite celebrations are family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the fourth of July. 

Our Faith and Values

We believe in fairness, honesty, respect, integrity and being kind to all people. We attend weekly services at a church where Kathy is a board member.

Our Hobbies and Interests

Kathy is an avid swimmer who gets up early to swims at least three times a week in the off season at the local high school. In the summer, she swims in the lake twice daily. She and Mark love to fish in both the ice house during the winter and from the boat in the summer.

Mark enjoys building projects and hunting. He also plays the guitar, taught guitar lessons in the past and studies music theory.

Our family also enjoys gardening and going for walks.

Welcome to Our Home!

We welcome you to become part of our family, and would like you to feel comfortable and at ease sharing our home and families together. We are happy to support and share your hobbies and interests — we are here to encourage and support you to live your best possible life. 

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