Julie Quale Family

Todd County
Photo of Julie Quale with the text "Supporting Adults"

We are Julie and Paul Quale. Family is very important to us, and we would love the chance to open our home to someone new so they could experience the support, encouragement and joy our family has to offer.

We are a semi-retired couple with grown children who visit frequently. Our family would do anything for one another, and we would each do our part to make sure someone new would feel welcome.

We live in a spacious three-level home with a deck, walk-out basement and enclosed porches. Our home is located on a 3.5-acre lot with wooded areas and access to a nearby lake. We enjoy living in a quiet neighborhood with good neighbors.

Someone who moves into our home would have their own bedroom with room to move around and enjoy the space. Our family values a tidy, comfortable home and we encourage one another to keep our spaces neat.

We stay active with biking and swimming, and we enjoy visiting friends and going for short car rides in our spare time. Julie is happiest when she’s creating — poems, drawings and physical objects. Together, we like to spend our time reading, participating in Bible studies, writing, cooking and caring for our home.

Julie has more than three years’ experience supporting individuals with disabilities through home care, and served as an activities director at a local care facility for 9 years. She enjoyed this work very much and would love the opportunity to use this experience to support an individual in our home.

It does not take much to make us happy. We have a lot of joy to share — it’s what makes us happy, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

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This Home is in Sauk Center, MN and licensed to support adults.