Kaydea Family

Wright County
Kaydea Family

Kaydea Family Prioritizes Love & Empathy in Day-to-Day Life

We are Alvin and Sophie. We share our home with our two children, our teenage son and our preteen daughter.

As a family, we are very caring, loving and flexible. We practice empathy by always trying to put ourselves in other peoples’ situations. Alvin came to this country as a refugee, so we have a very personal understanding of living in a new environment. We know that a new person in our home will feel welcome because of the love and support we show each member of our household every day.

Our home is a spacious two-story home with plenty of room for everyone and their activities. We have a finished basement and five roomy bedrooms that can accommodate all of someone’s belongings. We also have a huge backyard, complete with a playground and sprawling space for fun games and outdoor activities.

We live within walking distance of a local park and just a few miles away from stores. Our neighborhood is incredibly friendly; our family loves to have fun and catch up with our neighbors about what’s going on in our community. What we like most about our neighbors are the love and care they show one another.

Our typical day is what Alvin would consider a perfect day and what makes us happiest: spending time together with family and friends. Our favorite way to wind down in our free time is watching television on our big screen while enjoying one another’s company.

We are committed to supporting someone new in our home in any way they need. We look forward to welcoming someone new into our home and learning more about their interests, goals and the things that matter most of them.

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