Dolney Family

Morrison County
Dolney Family

Our Home and Family

My large one-level home in the country is located 1 1/2 miles from Little Falls. The home is wheelchair accessible, has two large living rooms and plenty of space. My home is also within five miles of the zoo and several parks and ball fields.

The Reason We Open Our Home

I have been an American Sign Language interpreter for 23 years and I know the value of clear communication. I have space to share in my home and I feel that giving Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals a place where they can communicate is important.

Our Traditions

During the spring, summer and fall I enjoy the outdoors while camping, kayaking and fishing. I enjoy working in my yard, riding bike, going for walks and swimming in my pool. I am an organist, bell choir director and member of the choir at my church. In the winter, I enjoy cooking, reading and doing crafts. Once a year my family and I rent a cabin together.                                                           

Our Faith and Values

My faith and my church family are important to me. I believe in mutual respect and treating everyone with kindness. I also believe in giving back to God, friends, family and the community.

Our Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy creating glass art in my kiln, reading, playing the piano, puzzles, playing cards and games, baking and going to bingo. I also like to try new crafts and recipes.

Welcome to Our Home!

I would help you feel at home by sharing my interests and participating in activities that you enjoy. My American Sign Language skills will allow someone who might feel isolated to be heard. I will treat you as family and include you in family get-togethers where I will facilitate communication. I will provide you with opportunities to meet other Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals.

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This home is located in Little Falls, MN