Rud Family

Polk County
Erwin Rud holding his cat named Vicky Cat

I am Erwin Rud. I am currently enjoying retirement on a 10-acre hobby farm with my cat, Vicky Cat.

One of my top priorities is keeping a healthy balance in my life by carving out time to relax, reducing stress, eating healthy and keeping up with my responsibilities. When someone moves into my home, I look forward to working with them to establish balance in their own life and building up our unique family dynamic.

My home has an accessible layout with four bedrooms and one bathroom. The bedroom I have available is equipped with a queen-sized bed with hand and foot controls, a walk-in closet, phone and Wi-Fi hookups, and access to Dis streaming for television or gaming. There is plenty of room for personalization.

I keep some heavy equipment on my property to help with maintenance, including a tractor, snow removal equipment and a riding lawnmower.

I have three grown children — two daughters who live in Minnesota and a son who lives in New York City — as well as two grandchildren. My 102-year-old mother lives in a nearby nursing home, and we visit one another when we're able.

In my free time, I enjoy projects around my property and keeping my home tidy and comfortable. My perfect day would include eating at a restaurant, browsing a local auction, going to a movie or visiting with friends. Travel is another interest of mine; I would love to share the experience of visiting the Grand Canyon, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Gulf Coast.

I have a master's degree in health and human service administration, and much of my career involved working with individuals with disabilities in areas such as job training, career development, health care oversight, transportation and other needs.

Independence is very important to me. I hope to use my professional experience to support someone in sharing daily household responsibilities, the pursuit of their interests and working toward their goals.

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