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Person Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning Services

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LSS Person-Centered Planning encourages individuals with disabilities to lead self-directed lives. Our statewide service provides tools that help individuals gain clarity on what is possible for their future and to express what they desire for their lives.

The Person-Centered Planning Process

Each Person-Centered Plan is unique, focusing on the personal goals and desires of each individual we support.

Our planners:

  • Facilitate a discovery process with the individual, discussing their likes, dislikes, desires and dreams.
  • Invite those who are important to the individual to contribute their thoughts and ideas about the plan with the individual.
  • Listen to what is important to the individual (what makes them happy, satisfied and fulfilled) and what is important for the individual (how their health, wellness and safety can be supported).
  • Facilitate a conversation about the discoveries between the individual and those who are important to them to finalize the plan.

The focus of all conversations remains on the individual and the choices they want to make for their lives.

Why Choose LSS?

Our experienced person-centered planners have more than 90 years of combined experience working with people with intellectual disabilities. We offer Person-Centered Planning services statewide and can meet you where you are.

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