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Change Lives and Make a Difference by Volunteering as a Caregiver Support AmeriCorps Volunteer

Caregiver Volunteer

Minnesota is aging like never before, and the number of people stepping into caregiver roles to ensure the health and well-being of older adults is climbing, too. 

LSS Caregiver Support AmeriCorps volunteers visit older adults at their homes and in the community for a few hours each week, allowing family caregivers to take a well-deserved break to run errands, rest and recharge.

By giving just a few hours of your time each week, you can change lives and have a positive impact on your community.

During visits, volunteers offer older adults friendship and support.

Thanks to financial support from AmeriCorps, volunteers can qualify for a monthly living allowance.

Due to the current pandemic, services are currently being offered via phone and video chat with limited in-person visits. Volunteer training is provided remotely with limited in-person training. 

Benefits for Volunteers Include:

  • Monthly living allowance of $150 to $250
  • $1,300 to $1,600 education grant award (with 300 or 450 hours of service per year)
    • Can be used for a volunteer's own education or to pay off student loans
    • If you are 55 or older, your education grant can be gifted to a child or grandchild

Get Started Today 

All volunteers receive training; no prior caregiving experience is required. To qualify, volunteers must:

  • Have some day-time availability
  • Have a reliable vehicle
  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Pass a background check

Complete our short interest form or call us at 866.787.9802 to learn more or to get started as a volunteer.

Contact Us 

Questions? Call 866.787.9802 or email caregiverservices@lssmn.org.