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Meal Gift Certificates

Meal Gift Certificates 

meal gift certificateAs family and friends get older, they tend to want less material gifts – a meal gift certificate is a welcomed gift for any occasion. 

Older adults enjoy the tasty and nutritious food, interaction with neighbors and others in their community, and appreciate not having to cook or clean up! 

For someone with health problems or who isn’t eating well, a thoughtful meal gift certificate may be the perfect gift to support convenience, healthy eating and social interaction. 

Meal certificates can be used at any LSS Bistro location. These meal cards may also be used for home-delivered meals.

Purchase gift certificates online

When you purchase a gift certificate online, you can choose to have the meal card mailed to you or directly to the person for whom you are purchasing the gift certificate. The LSS meal card should arrive within 7-10 business days. 

The recommended donation for meal gift certificates is $5.00 per meal and may be redeemed by any adult 60 years and older who completes a NAPIS form (and his or her spouse regardless of age).   

Meal gift certificates can be purchased online for a suggested donation in the following amounts:

Contribution Meal Card Good For

$10 for 2 meals

$25 for 5 meals

$50 for 10 meals

$100 for 20 meals

Meal cards are good for one meal per person, per day. The full cost of a meal is $7.00/$7.15 (depending upon location). No one will be denied service because of an inability to pay. Donations of other amounts can be made at our dining sites.