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Mental Health and Wellness for Older Adults and Caregivers 

The complexity and uniqueness of older adults’ health and wellness requires a holistic approach to effectively assist individual and family needs. Working with a licensed mental health professional can help you and your loved ones cope and find solutions to challenges, and bring stability and hope for all involved. 

Learn more about the types of mental health services available to older adults and their families and caregivers. 

man and women outsideIndividual and Family Counseling 

Licensed professionals integrate best clinical practices within a continuum of care for older adults and their families. Health issues or times of transition may add stress to relationships. Counselors can support older adults and their families who are experiencing illness or dementia, loss of independence, moving to a new community or retirement.  

Coping with Grief and Loss 

Loss of friends, family, health and independence are common and significant experiences as we grow older. Grief is a natural part of the healing process following a loss. Looking after your physical and emotional needs will help you get through this difficult time. 

Adapting to Life Transitions 

Life transitions such as children moving away, career changes and retirement, health issues or the loss of a spouse often bring about feelings of uncertainty. We help people cope with the changes and find balance in their lives. 

Managing Depression 

Whether you are feeling blue or experience on-going feelings of depression, consulting with a licensed mental health professional provides the treatment needed to support you on your journey to wellness. 

Veterans and their Families 

Aging can complicate and intensify the challenges experienced by veterans and their families. Memories and emotional and physical challenges may amplify normal aging. We offer expertise in working with veterans and military families throughout the lifespan and its complexities. Learn more about our services for veterans and military families

Caregiver Coaching and Counseling 

We provide coaching and counseling to help family members develop caregiving skills, practice self-care and enrich their role as caregivers. Learn more about Caregiver Coaching and Counseling

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