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Meet Our Team

Meet our Team


Tory Merhar

Associate Vice President of Older Adult Services

Lisa Beardsley


Lisa Beardsley

Program Director of LSS Healthy Transitions and Neighbor to Neighbor Companions

Nathan Danielson


Nathan Danielson

Senior Director of Supported Decision-Making, Guardian Options and Pooled Trust Services



Melissa Grimmer 

Senior Director of Caregiver and Companion Services

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Neal Hines

Program Director of Caregiver Support & Respite Services


Andy Morcomb

Interim Senior Director of LSS Meals

Carolyn Scherer


Carolyn Scherer

Program Director of AmeriCorps Seniors 


Deanna Swenson Headshot


Deanna Swenson

Program Director of Guardianship Options and Supported Decision-Making

Becky Telin


Becky Telin

Program Director of North Dakota Companion Services