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Course Descriptions

The industry of property management/ownership is constantly changing.

Laws that guide the rental business differ by purpose, and by jurisdiction. There are federal, state and local laws to be aware of – from equal treatment of renters to physical modifications of rental units.

In addition to the laws that govern this industry, there are other aspects of renting that a property owner needs to consider to have a successful rental business. RentEd. covers all of the topics you needs to be a successful property owner.

“Studying the videos provided me with a broader understanding of the housing rental industry, specifically in the state of Minnesota… I posted my Certificate of Completion on my website to show prospective tenants that they would be renting from someone who is really serious about understanding the relationship that should be fostered between the tenant and landlord. Thanks for the service!”  - Minneapolis landlord

Topics Presented in the Course

RentEd's property management course includes more than 90 minutes of training. The series is presented in concise and informative segments so you can view them at your own pace, anytime, at your convenience.

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Basics of Property Owner/Tenant Laws:

Understand the federal, state and local laws that regulate the rental property business.

Tenant Screening and Selection:

Learn what is required by law to prevent discrimination and unfair leasing practices, such as the amount you can charge for a background check and having written and consistent selection criteria.

A Good Lease Protects You & Your Asset:

Gain knowledge on the essentials of what should be included in a lease.

Entering into a Successful Rental Agreement:

Learn the 3 Cs of a successful tenant/property owner relationship— Communication, Consistency and Conducting inspections.

Housing Choice Vouchers & Other Rental Subsidies:

Learn how you can benefit from the experiences of administrators, property owners, and inspectors as they discuss the HUD Housing Choice Voucher (formally Section 8) and Minnesota subsidy programs.

Property Maintenance and Repairs:

Gain knowledge about various inspections that could occur on your property and how to prepare for them. Gain tips on effective communication with tenants about repairs and how to detect and contain hazardous lead exposure.

Pests and Infestations:

Identify, contain, and eradicate! Learn the history of common pests, demystify how they end up in rental properties and methods of treatment.

Continuing and Ending a Tenancy:

Understand the requirements of giving proper notice, the value of conducting a move-out inspection and when filing a court eviction is necessary.