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Resilient Parenting

Resilient Parenting

A diverse group of parents and kids facing the camera and smiling.

Resilient Parenting logoResilient Parenting is a uniquely-blended learning experience that takes place through one introduction and eight online units, face-to-face meetings and various interactive learning activities. This course is designed to provide an affirming and accessible space in which parents with histories of systemic trauma and distrust can reflect on their wisdom, familial history and experiences and evaluate their own parenting practices. 

Traditional parenting classes create many obstacles for system-engaged parents who are already struggling with significant barriers such as cost, lost wages and childcare. Research has shown (Breitenstein et al., 2014) that a hybrid online program like Resilient Parenting produces the greatest learning outcomes. This course saves time for parents and increases accessibility, while delivering an evidence-informed parenting curriculum online.

Resilient Parenting also reduces the parent educator's time needed to deliver curriculum - placing an emphasis on collaborative, interactive learning and parent experience, rather than the traditional roles of educator and parent.  The intent of this course is to help parents honor their innate wisdom and expertise in developing children of good character. In order for parents to support their child, they must have support on their own journey. This curriculum will facilitate parents identifying their goals and vision for the care and guidance of their children - not direct this process. 

Program Overview

Resilient Parenting:

  • takes approximately 10-15 hours to complete, but may vary based upon the level of in-person interaction and individual parent need.
  • is intended to fulfill the requirements of a court-ordered parenting program if completed with the recommended programmatic format.
  • has a primary audience of parents caring for children ages 3 to 8.
  • is recommended to be delivered by an experienced parent educator who has a minimum of a bachelor’s in social work. This can be substituted for substantial professional or relevant life experience if deemed appropriate.


Estimated Module Time


10 minutes

Parenting in Recovery**

20 minutes

Parenting Vision

20 minutes

Establishing Trust and Setting Boundaries

25 minutes

Healing-Centered Parenting

25 minutes

Parenting Resiliently

20 minutes

Family Traditions and Values

20 minutes

Family Safety

25 minutes

Parenting Together**

25 minutes

**These modules are optional and dependent on the parent’s individual situation.


This video will provide a brief overview of online units in the Resilient Parenting program.


For more information on purchasing this program, please contact safefamilies@lssmn.org.


Reactions from Parents

A family interacting with one another over a meal.“To hear the voices of real parents made it relatable for me, the videos had people that looked like me and the character virtues were helpful for me to remember to include myself in this journey along with my child so that we both can have those attributes.”

"I love how the parents speak of a hopeful future for you and your children even when you don't have it all figured out. It's not looked at as if you're weak or inadequate to ask for help. I learned it's okay to be myself."

"The real recordings of parent voices make this real and relatable for me."

"Working with the modules, you learn something new in each video; you learn new ways to parent, to be patient, to teach and also to learn. Just because you are a parent and may have multiple children doesn’t mean you know everything you just have to be open to learn more. Each lesson can be used throughout life. My favorite was the Parenting Resiliently, and I use this lesson on a daily basis when I am with my kids. As a single mom of three beautiful children sometimes it can feel like life is just on fire, but you have to keep looking forward and moving forward to get through the challenges you will face each day. I think anyone or everyone who does the modules can and always use each lesson each day in everyday life."


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deliver Resilient Parenting?

Since this program is blended, you will use a mixture of face-to-face and online instruction. You may choose to deliver the program entirely through virtual means by having face-to-face visits take place via video chat. A facilitator guide is provided for face-to-face meetings, and SCORM/xAPI-compliant files are provided to host the eLearning modules. The eLearning modules will work out of the box with most learning management systems.

What are the technical requirements for Resilient Parenting?

To host the course, you must have a learning management system capable of supporting SCORM- or xAPI-compliant eLearning modules. Your system should also have the ability to create forms and quizzes to administer the pre/post tests and online assignments. These are not embedded into the modules themselves.

What if I do not have a learning management system?

A learning management system (LMS) is required to deliver the online units. If you do not have an LMS capable of supporting the Resilient Parenting program, a cloud hosted solution is available. Please contact Standard Four to discuss pricing and options.

Is Resilient Parenting mobile friendly?

Yes, this program was designed with mobile-first thinking so that parents could access the program wherever is most convenient for them. No plug-ins or apps are required to access the training via a mobile device.



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