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Family Circle Conference

Family Circle Conference Provides Support to Families in Transition

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A family comes together to celebrate their strengths, learn new approaches to bridging communication that improves relationships and create a family-focused plan.

Family Circle Conference provides a welcoming environment where trained facilitators guide the family through a two-hour session.

Facilitators work with families to communicate in new ways and create a family-centered plan addressing the safety, well-being and stability of the children.

 "LSS has helped us tremendously. It is a hard decision on what to do when you get into this. LSS helped in our decision-making and is still helping through the years."

Who can benefit?

  • Families in transition
  • Families creating parenting time/plans
  • Children/youth in transition

Do you want to develop a circle of support for your children?

Do you want to open the lines of communication within your family?

Would you like to create a plan for your family?

To learn more about the process and fees, contact us.


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