Getting Hired

Working in Self Directed Services

Partners in Community Supports facilitates Self-Directed Services, meaning individuals and their families choose who provides their services.

Searching for a Job

Working for someone who is directing their own services can provide a flexible work environment that meets the needs of the employee and person receiving care. Knowing where to look for these jobs can sometimes be a challenge.

PICS is not able to connect Participants with potential Workers, but many of our Participants make connections using the strategies below.

Personal Connections

Service providers are commonly close family and friends, but exploring more distant relationships can also lead to successful connections. Networking with mutual friends, neighbors, and staff in schools and other institutions is a good place to start.

Within the Community

Community message boards are a way to find job postings from local people who may be outside of your personal network. These are often found in areas with high foot traffic such as coffee shops, colleges, and religious and community organizations.

Online is an online job board, specializing in job postings for caregivers. Providers create profiles describing their skills and talents and can search for job postings. Individuals seeking staff can create job postings and review applicant profiles.

Direct Support Connect is a free online job board provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Employers and job-seekers can each create a profile to review open positions or available applicants.

Minnesota Works is another free online job board that brings Minnesota employers and job-seekers together. Tutorials for employers are providers by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Hiring Process

  1. Representative receives the New Hire Packet during enrollment, online or by request.
  2. Representative and Worker complete the packet and submit paperwork to PICS Human Resources by email, fax or mail.
  3. PICS Human Resources notifies Representative of Worker's status by email or mail. If complete, PICS Human Resources sends official date of hire notice to Representative.

Regardless of business model, all Workers may not begin to log hours until an official date of hire has been issued by PICS Human Resources. Any hours worked prior to the date of hire cannot be reimbursed by PICS. You can request a New Hire Packet be mailed to you by completing the Request New Hire Packet form.

Hiring Materials

Please visit our forms page to access a hiring packet.