Medical Insurance Options

Medical Insurance Options

PICS offers medical insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Medical Benefits Offered in 2020

Who is Eligible?

Healthcare benefits are available for the following Workers:

  • Full-time Workers that work 30 or more hours per week (75% Full Time Equivalent)
  • Eligible Business Model: Personal Supports

How Do I Enroll in Coverage?

Complete the enrollment form (see above) and return to PICS Human Resources ( or fax to 651.967.5061) within 30 days of your date of hire or qualifying status change event.

Qualifying status change events include marriage, divorce, birth/adoption, death and loss of other coverage.

When Will My Coverage Become Available?

New hire benefits become available the first of the month following 60 days of employment. For Workers experiencing a qualifying status change event, coverage becomes effective the date of the qualifying event.

Can I Waive Coverage?

If you do not need medical insurance, you can waive coverage. Please indicate your choice to waive the offer of coverage by completing the enrollment form (see above) and returning it to PICS. Failure to enroll in coverage within the 30-day window, will result in an automatic waiver.

How much does Medical Coverage Cost?

Below are the monthly premium costs:

Coverage Tier PICS Monthly Subsidy Employee Monthly Cost Employee Cost Per Pay Period
Employee Only $974.58 $308.00 $154.00
Employee + Spouse $1,177.27 $1,516.10 $758.05
Employee + Child(ren) $1,202.89 $1,618.74 $809.37
Employee + Family $1,412.22 $2,820.24 $1,410.12

We encourage you to review all of the information so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family. Premiums are automatically deducted from the paychecks of enrolled Workers. Monthly premiums are divided by two and deducted from paychecks on a bi-weekly basis. On months with three paychecks, Workers will have one paycheck in which no premium is taken out.


If you have any questions about enrollment or coverage, please contact PICS Human Resources.


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