Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off (PTO)


PTO is offered for Workers under the CDCS and CSG services. It is not available for Personal Supports Workers.


You are eligible to use PTO hours once you have worked at least 600 hours after July 1st, 2015. You accrue one hour of PTO for every 40 hours worked. Your total number of PTO hours is listed on your paystub.

Requesting Paid Time Off

To use any of your PTO hours, please complete the Time Off Request Form and submit it to PTO hours must also be approved by the Representative.

If you are both a Representative and Worker and work 40 hours a week, you can take PTO above and beyond the 40 hours. It will not count as overtime.

Maximum Carryover

Maximum carry over is 80 hours at end of the plan year. Hours in excess of 80 hours will be lost if not used. The plan year is July 1st through June 30th. Maximum yearly accrual is not limited in the plan year.

Cash Out

Eligible PTO will be cashed out upon termination.

If you have any further questions about PTO, please contact the SEIU Member Action Center:

Sick and Safe Time (SICK)


SICK is paid time off that can be used to address Workers’ personal needs and obligations.


Workers must work 80 hours per year (July 1st to June 30th) within Minneapolis or Saint Paul.


Workers accrue one hour of SICK for every 30 hours worked. Workers only accrue SICK for hours actually worked. Workers do not accrue time while on vacation, leave, while using SICK or for any other non-working time.

Workers can accrue up to 48 hours in one plan year. Workers can only accrue up to 80 hours of SICK at one time.

Workers begin to accrue SICK upon hire, but cannot use it until 90 days of employment. Current Workers may use accrued time immediately as they earn it.

Requesting SICK Time Off

Complete the Time Off Request Form and submit it to For foreseeable leave, Workers must request SICK time at least seven days in advance.

Cash Out

There is no cash out of SICK upon termination.


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