Changes in Service

Changes in Service

Status changes don't have to interrupt your service. PICS makes it easy for you to update your services with us.  

Adding a Participant

Representatives who are already enrolled with PICS and want to add another individual receiving services should complete the Service Request Form to get started.

Leaving PICS

Representatives must contact PICS if you plan to discontinue services for any reason, including:

  • Change in FMS agency
  • Change to PCA fund
  • Death or illness
  • Moving to an in-home service
  • Leaving the state
  • Loss of eligibility

Medical Assistance (MA) Status Changes

MA Closure

MA commonly closes because required paperwork and documentation have not been submitted. If at any time MA is closed, the Participant will become ineligible for services and PICS suspends services and payments until MA is reopened. Please contact your county financial worker immediately to resolve MA eligibility.

Other MA information

Hours and/or expenses for reimbursement cannot be submitted for a date when the Participant is admitted to a hospital, nursing home, long-term care or residential facility. The Representative or Participant can reach out to their financial worker or call Disability HUB to check on status and eligibility updates.

Switching Program Type

When switching between programs, complete the following:

  1. Inform your Service Coordinator.
  2. Your Service Coordinator will verify the switch with the Lead Agency Representative and request a revised Service Agreement.
  3. Once verified, PICS Human Resources will notify you if additional employment paperwork is needed and your Service Coordinator will update the budget plan based on the date of the switch. Each program has specific hiring requirements.