PICS’ Anti-Racism Work Group

Monday, January 24, 2022

Anti-Racism Work GroupPICS (Partners in Community Supports) formed the Anti-Racism Work Group (ARWG) in 2020 with the mission to uncover, interrupt and dismantle systems of oppression as we encounter them in our work. In 2021, we hosted eight activities to celebrate and learn from the lived experience of diverse communities, while increasing awareness about the challenges faced by individuals in these communities.

Through inviting a variety of speakers to present, viewing documentaries, researching local organizations, and hosting learning activities, the ARWG strove to hear from a variety of Minnesotans. Many activities corresponded to the calendar month’s celebrations, such as Black History Month in February, Disability Pride Month in July, National Hispanic Heritage Month in September and October’s Disability Employment Awareness Month. Other activities focused on the experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, members of the LGTBQIA2S+ community and others.

In addition to monthly learning activities, this year the ARWG plans to conduct focused customer service interviews of PICS families. The purpose of these interviews is to ensure we’re delivering the highest customer service possible and to look for and correct any unintended disparities in service delivery we may find. Finally, we plan to conduct an internal review of policies, also looking for any disparities so that they can be remedied. We’re confident that these efforts will continue to position PICS as a leader among organizations that serve Minnesotans with a disability. 

To learn more about PICS’ commitment to anti-racist practices and programs, read our Anti-Racism & Social Justice web page.