PICS Advocacy Team: Minnesota State Legislative Updates

Friday, April 01, 2022

Minnesota State BuildingMinnesota’s legislative session is in full swing. PICS’ Advocacy Team is monitoring several bills in the Minnesota House and Senate that might affect the daily lives of PICS families.

  • Community First Services and Supports.  House bill number and author: HF 2721, Representative Lippert; Senate bill number and author: SF 2967, Senator Utke
    • This legislation would better fund the hourly rates paid for providing personal support services through the upcoming CFSS program (currently the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) program).
    • Higher rates would positively impact organizations’ ability to recruit and retain workers.
    • Learn more about the PCA/CFSS rate framework.
  • Raise the limit on hours worked for parents of minors and spouses.  House bill number and author: HF 3199, Representative Reyer; Senate bill and author, SF 2772 Senator Abeler
    • Currently, there is a 40-hour per week household limit on the number of hours that a parent of a minor or a spouse can be reimbursed for providing disability care services. This legislation would allow each parent of a minor in a two-parent household to provide up to 40 hours of care and allow a single parent or spouse to provide care up to 60 hours per week.
    • Learn more about the proposal to raise the limit on caregiving hours by parents of a minor and spouses.
  • Apple Valley inclusive and accessible playground funding. House bill number and authors: HF 3348, Representatives Bierman and Huot; Senate bill and author: SF 3039, Senator Clausen


These bills are not yet law. PICS will continue to watch and see if they are passed.

If you are interested in joining PICS’ advocacy efforts, contact to get involved.