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Dial ‘0’ (Office Coordinator) for:

  • Did you receive my paperwork, timecards, hire packet, etc.?
  • Who is my Service Coordinator?
  • How do I get additional copies of timecards, the payroll schedule, etc.?
  • Whom do I contact with issues or concerns?

Dial ‘3’ for:

  • Did you get my faxed/emailed timecards?

Dial ‘4’ (Human Resources) for:

  • How do I get hired, and who can help me fill out paperwork?
  • Can I get a Verification of Employment (VOE)?
  • When can I start submitting hours?

Dial ‘5’ (Payroll) for:

  • How do I get a copy of my W4, and who can answer my questions about it?
  • Whom do I talk to about vendor questions?

Dial ‘*’ (Service Coordinator) for:

  • How do I set up and use the portal?
  • When will my reimbursement or timecard be paid?
  • Why are my services pending or on hold?