Zion Lutheran Church Cooks Up Community Mission With New Kitchen

Thursday, August 26, 2021

It started as a question. When committee members who have overseen construction of a commercial kitchen at Zion Lutheran Church talk about the project, they say it all started with a question about food service needs at Kids of the Kingdom, the child care center based at the church.

The answer quickly became larger and more complicated than the initial question. And, in a sense, the answer continues to evolve. “That question just kind of begat more questions,” said Bridget Lux, a committee member. “Like, ‘Wow, how would we accomplish that…. (Y)ou know, it’s just, that’s such a big question.

“But we decided to turn it into more of an aspirational conversation, like, well, what if we had a commercial kitchen? What might we do to serve our community?” Lux said. “There were 10,000 good ideas.”

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