The REACH Drop-In Center Fence Provides Winter Wear for Those in Need

Thursday, December 05, 2019

A Mankato fence is providing a helping hand for those who need winter clothing.

The fence in front of the REACH Drop-In Center is decorated with donated scarves, hats and gloves for anyone who may need them.

Staff says they got the idea about three years ago from a Pinterest post, so they decided to utilize their outdoor fence.

“Sometimes they must take them at night when we are gone because we’ll have this all stocked and we’ll get back in the morning and most of them will be gone. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the community. We will leave on a Friday and come back on a Monday and people will actually hang scarves for us over the weekend. We get so excited when we see that because it’s taking on a life of its own," Senior Program Manager Tasha Moulton explained.

The fence is located on East Liberty Street in downtown Mankato.

Watch the video at KEYC 12 Mankato.