Lutheran Social Services Provides Farm Virtual Tour To The Older Generation Stuck at Home

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lutheran Social Services Caregiver Support is organizing different events every Wednesday for older adults all across Minnesota.

Those who joined the event today were given a virtual tour of a farm in Park Rapids.

“Just thought it would be such a fun way to make people feel like they’re getting out, they’re just visiting a farm and just bringing them back to a lot of their, maybe childhood memories," said Laura Rasmussen, regional coordinator at LSS Caregiver Support at Respite Services. "Even though they weren’t physically there, they were still able to see everything and experience it."

Judi Weiss, the farmer behind the virtual tour says her mom was the reason she wanted to be part of bringing some happiness to the older generation.

“I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and I remember in the later years, she maybe would know what day it was or know who I was that day, but we could talk about when I was growing up and how we farmed," Weiss said. "We grew up on a farm and she remembered those things. And those things would make her smile and would make her happy. So, if I’m able to bring memories to someone, that was the reason that I was so excited to do it."

Read more and watch the video at KVRR.