LSS Seeking Community Partners to Distribute Meals to Minnesotans in Need

Friday, October 02, 2020

LSS Meals, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, is seeking community partners to help distribute 90,000 meals to Minnesotans struggling with nutrition.

Thanks to a recent grant from the Minnesota Department of Education, LSS Meals will provide these meals and snacks to members of our communities at no cost to them. Any Minnesotan who struggles to access proper nutrition during Covid-19 is eligible to receive up to five nutritionally balanced frozen meals and snacks.

For some Minnesotans and their families, loss of income, isolation and school closures make it more difficult to access healthy food. With this grant, which runs through the end of 2020, LSS Meals aims to close some of the nutritional gaps faced by Minnesotans who may not qualify for other food assistance programs.

“Food insecurity has just become an even greater concern for Minnesotans during Covid-19,” said Kristin Schurrer, LSS Meals senior director. “People are facing a loss of income during the pandemic and, for a lot of families, food is the biggest struggle.”

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is currently seeking to partner with congregations, businesses and community organizations to distribute meals. Refrigerated trucks will deliver meals from four Lutheran Social Service kitchens to designated pick-up locations throughout Minnesotan where members of the community can collect their meals. Delivery options to individuals may also be available if transportation for Minnesotans is a barrier.

If your organization is interested in hosting a distribution event, please contact Dalton Kalina at or 651.272.8693.