Camp Knutson on a Mission to Save Shoreline

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Camp Knutson’s beautiful 30-acre campus is nestled between the pristine waters of Lower Whitefish and Big Trout lakes. The very tip of the point where the channel connects the two lakes has a significant amount of erosion due to storms, ice, boat traffic, and wave action.

When former campers return, it’s the walk through the towering trees and the view of the big lake they remember from childhood. It’s a space the camp strives to preserve for future generations.

Jared Griffin, Camp Director, explained the mission behind the project, "Our campus has over mile worth of precious shoreline that our campers with disabilities and medical conditions are proud to call their home away from home. We always teach our campers to leave camp and our natural environment better than you found it. Camp K community leaders have decided to lead by example and take on one of our biggest challenges by tripling our efforts to preserve our shoreline."

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