Blizzard Meals

Older Adults Services: LSS Meals

For I was hungry and you fed me…. Matthew 25:35

What We Do

LSS Meals and Meals on Wheels is a joint partnership of your community and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota to provide nutritious meals and social contact for individuals 60 or older.

Project Location

Assemble boxes at your congregation and deliver to an LSS Meals location. Contact the LSS Meals representative listed at the bottom of this post in order to coordinate your drop off. Meals must be delivered to 1605 Eustis Street, St. Paul or an LSS Meal site (all sites are in Western MN). Lutheran Social Service is unable to pick up meals from your location.

**Please Note: In packing meals into boxes for delivery please limit box size to include no more than 11 meals per box. (More than 11 meals make boxes too heavy).

What You Can Do

“Blizzard Meals”: Create shelf-stable meals for Meals on Wheels for older adults.

Project Details

Purchase and assemble two individual meals in one brown paper lunch sized bag. Please provide products on the list that won't expire for at least 6 months. These meals are intended to be shelf stable meals that Seniors can eat when there is an emergency such as weather or illness that would prevent them from going to a meal site or having meals delivered.

  • One can of chicken and one can tuna (or 2 chicken or 2 tuna)
  • One 14-15 oz can of fruit.
  • One 14-15 oz can of vegetables or vegetable soup.
  • Four packs of saltines or two packs of cheese/peanut butter crackers.
  • Two hot cocoa packets
  • Two desserts (granola bars, pudding cups, packaged cookies)

Register for the Blizzard Meals Project

Find details about a $250 Thrivent Action Grant for this project.


Sarah Anderson, Regional Manager
Phone: 507-822-9395