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How to Save Money on Halloween

Here's a Flashback Friday post to help save money on Halloween this year.

I can't believe it, but Halloween is right around the corner already. Costumes can be expensive and I don't know about you, but it's painful for me to think about spending my hard-earned cash on something I'll probably wear once. Here are some tips to get by on the cheap for Halloween.

Elderly beagle wearing jack-o-lantern hat looking at cameraCostume swap

Check with your friends/family to see if they have any costumes you or your kids could borrow and vice versa. If you have any old costumes that you're not trading, you could always sell those to get some cash back.



Make your own costume. It doesn’t have to be something super simple like a “Facebook” costume where you just write the word book on your face (but it could be). Look through your closets and figure out what you might be able to make on your own, like a prom queen or king if you have an old prom dress or tux… the brighter the color or poofier the sleeves the better! Or could you hike and roll up your pants, throw on some argyle socks, glasses and go as a 'nerd'? Check out Google or Pinterest for tons more ideas. Bonus Tip: One of the funniest costumes I’ve ever seen was cheap. A female teenager dressed up as her dad, who is completely clean-shaven bald. She put on a bald cap (the only purchase), used make-up for facial hair, and borrowed his clothes. Best. Costume. Ever.


Thrift stores

Thrift stores usually have cheap ready-to-wear costumes, and they sometimes even have displays with ideas for cheap costumes to make yourself. This can be paired with #2 above. If you have most of the items you need at home, but just need a little something like a tiara or suspenders, check out a thrift shop to complete your outfit without breaking the bank.



If you have a Halloween store nearby and don’t mind gambling whether or not you’ll leave with something, check out the store on the day of Halloween. You might find something on sale that you can throw on and go. Or if you really want to be prepared, check out that store or other local stores with costumes the day after Halloween and buy something on clearance for next year.


Stay home

Grab a bag of candy for trick-or-treaters, throw on a scary movie, and stay home. Not only did you save money on a costume, think how much money you saved by not going out. This may not be quite as fun for some, but for others it's even better than going out. If you’re craving company, invite people over for a Halloween party… costumes optional.

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