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How Nonprofit Housing Counseling Can Help

Most of us don't anticipate a job loss, an injury, major medical bills, or maybe even a reduction in hours at work. When something like this happens it can be devastating to families. If it's happened to you and you're not sure how you're going to make your next mortgage payment, help is out there. Nonprofit housing counseling is available free of charge.

Here's how a counselor can help:


  • Review your current finances and give you a clear idea of your options and eligibility for a mortgage modification.
  • Work with you to submit paperwork to your mortgage company to apply for a mortgage modification.
  • Take advantage of government programs now available to help you save your home.
  • Help you postpone your sheriff's sale to enable you more time to work out a solution with your lender.

Call LSS

If you are worried about your next payment, call us at 888.577.2227 to schedule your free housing counseling session. You can choose an appointment either over the phone or in-person.

Even if you have missed payments, you still may have options. But waiting limits those options so be sure to call us today.

Our experienced counselors will explain the process, your options, and create with you a realistic budget and action plan to fit your financial situation. If you have any other debts like student loans or credit cards, we can provide guidance for those as well.