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Have a Question About Money?

Piggy bank iconLSS has partnered with the NFCC and NerdWallet, a consumer focused website dedicated to helping people make better, more informed financial decisions. Have a question about personal finance, retirement, investing, taxes, small business, insurance or healthcare? Who doesn't, right! A team of great financial professionals, including our own Financial Counselors, are standing by answer your questions. Visit and start asking questions today. Here are a few examples of what people are asking right now:
"I'm 25, making $28,000 a year with no college education. I have a warehouse job, which I love. What a comfortable life with savings and insurance. What should I do?" "I just finished grad school. My husband and I make about $80L. We are saving for a house and paying off a credit card. We owe $2,000 on the credit card and have $2500 saved towards a house. Should we pay off the credit card with the savings? Or continue paying $500 toward each every month?"